Hunter and Equitation

Hunter and Equitation are English riding competitions in which riders and their horses are judged on their style and skill. In Hunter, the horse is the focus and is judged on ride-ability (how obedient the horse is), movement and jumping style. In Equitation, the rider is the focus and generally is asked to perform more complex maneuvers; she is judged on effectiveness and style (proper position of body while riding).  At The Palm Beach Classic we will be running our main Hunter and Equitation classes on Saturday in the Covered Arena.  This will be a fun filled friendly competition with great music and local vendors.

One of the main features of the Palm Beach Classic is the sensible class schedule. The more advanced classes will be held in the morning, so our more serious competitors are not waiting around all day for their classes. And, the beginner classes will start during lunch time so those newer to the sport aren’t finding themselves rushing through their morning as they learn the ropes of horse showing!  Within each division, classes will get progressively more demanding throughout the season, in order to keep riders challenged as they improve while still pursuing season high point awards.

The Palm Beach Classic will also offer “Green” horse classes (defined as horses that are still in training or are being re-trained).  We added this feature to allow a place for people to get exposure for their less seasoned horses while keeping them safely separated from the less experienced riders – making the show safer and more enjoyable for everyone! Theses classes will be open to both professionals and amateurs. Further, PBC is offering a “showcase” class for sale horses and we will also happily announce that a horse is up for sale when they are in the show arena.

And finally, to make the competition even more fun we will be having a Bareback Equitation classes available. And will be looking to add other fun classes such as a Hunter Derby and Handy Hunter class.  Suggestions are always welcome! The PBC aims to be a community show and to provide riders with the classes they want to see.


Beat  the  Heat  In  the  Covered  Arena

Beginner  Friendly  Classes  Starting  at  Lunch

Advanced  Classes  in  Morning –  No  Waiting  Around  All  Day

Fun  Classes  like  Bareback  Equitation

Green  Horse  and  Sale  Horse  Showcase  Classes

“Do – Over”  Option  for  Over  Fences  Classes

Fun  Friendly  Atmosphere

Hunter and Equitation Class List

Hunter and Equitation Class Descriptions and Rules

Green Horse Class List – Starting in the Future

Green Horse Class Description – Starting in the Future

Palm Beach Classic Rules and Procedures


The Palm Beach Classic is committed to providing the south Florida horse community with a high quality event. We are actively seeking suggestions from our riders in order to create the show YOU want to attend. We appreciate your feedback!

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